Retailer Solutions

S.E.A. Enterprises has been processing coupons for all types of retail stores, chains, pharmacies, convenience stores, specialty stores and Wholesalers since 1970.

We have a program for you!

S.E.A. has no deposits, no minimum shipment size and no yearly set up fees! There are no hidden fees for chargebacks, hard to handle coupons or postage adjustments

You do not have to sort or count your coupons! Simply ship all coupons to SEA and you will receive an email confirmation. We use our high tech scanning system to accurately and efficiently bill each and every manufacturer that is represented in each shipment.

S.E.A. has a high-speed, high accuracy and a completely transparent service to maximize your redemption dollars. Our technology and team of coupon experts will guide you through the complex coupon redemption process, track your receivables and provide an aggressive chargeback collection service.

Our mission is to see that you are paid for the coupons you have redeemed!

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