Manufacturer Solutions

S.E.A. Enterprises, Inc. is very proud to announce our newly developed Manufacturer Service! Due to the increasing demand from manufacturers requesting that S.E.A. provide them with an alternative in the industry, we created our highly personalized Manufacturer Service.

Whether you are new to couponing, have a large number of offers, or somewhere in between, our team of coupon promotion experts will assist you with whatever your needs happen to be.

S.E.A. has a low monthly fee, which is all-inclusive, so you will never be charged with hidden fees. We DO NOT have set up fees, hard to handle fees or charge extra for our easy to read reporting, customer service support and fast payment to your customers.

When comparing and selecting a service, it is important to know the company’s actual performance for the following:

S.E.A. Enterprises Inc. provides our entire manufacturer coupon services based on performance - not promises!

Contact our Manufacturer Services Division today!