Getting Started

Our process is easy!

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Fill out the required paperwork
    Complete the online application and three forms below, sign and return to SEA. Or if you prefer, print and complete the forms, sign and fax to SEA at 1-425-313-1003.
    When S.E.A. receives the forms, we will send a shipping manifest with your new retailer ID number along with the name and address of where to send the coupons. We recommend making extra copies for future shipments.

  2. Sending your coupon shipment
    Please complete the shipping manifest form including the number of pieces shipped, weight shipped and if available (not required) the number of coupons and/or dollar amount. If you have additional shipment information that you want to include, please attach it to the SEA Manifest.

    • Enclose one copy with your shipment
    • Email or Fax one copy to 1-425-313-1003
    • Keep one copy for your records

  3. S.E.A. will do the rest
    You will receive an email acknowledgement of the receipt of your coupons. Your check and payment reconciliation reports will be sent approximately 45 days from receipt of the coupons by S.E.A. (first shipment may be a few days longer).

Please contact us at 425-313-0996 if you have questions or we can be of further assistance.