Coupon Redemption Services

SEA began processing coupons for retail grocery stores in 1970 in Bellevue, Washington. Today we service various
types of retail stores, chains, pharmacies, convenience stores and specialty stores nationwide. We are a fully authorized Retail Clearinghouse with a reputation for being a reliable, honest coupon processor.

Our coupon processing service is exclusive to retailers in the industry. There is no manufacturer service division. This guarantees no conflict of interest when processing coupons and collecting coupon payments on behalf of our retail clients.

Recently, accountability has become a major issue in the coupon processing industry. The SEA team of experts responded to this industry need by developing a leading edge information and audit system. It is focused on giving coupon control back to the retailers. Innovative programs are consistently being identified, developed, and implemented to meet our clients changing needs.

Retailers ...

"If you are just starting to accept coupons or have a new store" or

"If you are processing your coupons directly to the hundreds of manufacturer billing addresses with daily updates of address changes and are looking for a way to save time and collect more coupon dollars" or

"If you have a redemption service but are frustrated by payment reconciliation problems, unexplained shortages and high chargebacks" or

"If you need help researching and collecting manufacturer coupon denials and late payments"…


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Retail Chains, Wholesalers and Associations

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